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Creative Schools Week 2021

Hello All,

This week is Creative Schools Week and as part of the activities from this week we are making available the Lockdown photos that the children took earlier in the school year. These photos are a great reminder of our experiences during an historic time in the Nation’s history. To view the video just click in the link below.

Red Jersey Day for Cork

Here are some of our students from Ms Foley’s 4th class showing their socially distant support for Cork, remembering Cork’s great double in the All Ireland Hurling and Football Finals of 1990

We also got a visit from Teddy McCarthy and Denis Walsh, two of the members of the winning Hurling and football teams of 1990.

Corcaigh abú !!

Entry times and Gates for Classes from September 1st

Dear Parent/Guardian,

                                       The following is the new entering and exiting strategy for this school.

The times below are staggered times for entry as you will see and these staggered entry times will take place for Tuesday September 1st and Wednesday September 2nd.

From Thursday September 4th all students (except Junior Infants) will be able to enter the school grounds at 8.45.


Children will enter and exit by one of 3 gates that will be in use.

The three gates are as follows:

* Gate 1: This is at the end of the ramp

* Gate 2: This is the gate in the middle of the exterior wall

*Gate 3: This gate is at the Cois Chuain side of the school

8.45: Children from the following classes walk up to Gate 3 which is opened for them by the Principal.

2 x 6th classes

2 x 5th classes

2 x 3rd classes

Maintaining social distance, the children walk up through the playground while being supervised and assisted by a large number of staff members present. The children arrive at the middle of the playground and are shown a line of coloured circles specific to their class. These circles are 1 metre apart. Staff show children the specific line of circles for their class and the children line up on the circles to socially distance themselves form others. Once lined up the children are then welcomed into the classroom by their teacher using several different external doors to manage this. 

8.45: Children from the following classes walk up to Gate 1 which is opened for them by the Deputy Principal. 

2 x Senior Infants 

2 x 1st classes

Maintaining social distance with the help of the red circles which have been painted on the ground and with the help and assistance of several staff present the children walk up the ramp and makes the short journey (12 -15 metres)  to the side door of their classroom where the teacher welcomes them into their class.  

9.20: Children from the following classes walk up to Gate 3 which is opened for them by the Principal.

2 x 4th classes

2 x 2nd classes

See above for a description of the walk through the playground.

Note 1: It is essential to note that parents may not enter through either gate with their children at either 8.45 or at 9.20 as social distancing has to be maintained at all times meaning that only staff and students are allowed past the gate in the morning. A large number of staff as mentioned including Special Ed teachers and SNAs will be present on the ramp and playground to assist and support children and ensure that their needs are met. Schools, as you know, are required to keep the volume of people down to as low as possible in order to stop the spread of Covid -19. Your co-operation and understanding in this is greatly appreciated. If a child has a special need which is characterised by extremely high levels of anxiety then additional support will be given to these children.

Note 2: To maintain social distance before 8.45 please keep your child in the car if they are travelling by car.

Note 3: In order to avoid crowding children should not be lining up outside of any gate before it is opened. 

EXIT (for senior Infants and 1st classes inclusive)  -all at Gate 1

1.35: Senior Infants (Ms. O’ Sullivan)  at Gate 1

1.40: Senior Infants (Ms. McCarthy) at Gate 1

2.35: 1st class (Mr. Cronin) at Gate 1

2.40: 1st class (Mr. Murphy) at Gate 1

Exit (for 2nd classes-6th classes inclusive) at Gates 2 and 3 as indicated below

2.15: Ms. Murphy at Gate 3

2.18: Mr. O’ Keeffe at Gate 2

2.21: Mr. Comer at Gate 3

2.24: Mr. Kenny at Gate 2

2.27: Ms. Foley at Gate 3

2.30: Mr. Brosnan at Gate 2

2.33: Ms. Burke at Gate 3

2.36: Mr. Brophy at Gate 2

2.39: Mr. Walsh at Gate 3

2.42: Ms. O’ Carroll at Gate 2

      Note 2: The staggered exit times will remain until further notice 

Return to School Details for Students

Dear Parent/Guardian,

                                             With regard to the reopening of the school on next Tuesday each child from 1st to 6th will require a box to store their school equipment in. Previously all children from 3rd-6th would have been used to this system and now we are extending it to take in both 1st and 2nd classes. The advantages are that children can easily access their books in class and when we return to assigning homework later in the term children won’t have to bring home lots of books, just the ones they need which is good for their back health.

 It is important that the box you purchase is not tiny on the one hand and certainly not too large on the other hand as if it is too large your child will not have enough leg space.

So the following are the dimensions of the boxes that we have found to be the correct size for school use. 

  1. 32cm x 25 cm
  2. 39cm x 28cm

Please purchase a box of one of the above sizes or as close as you can to those sizes. Boxes that are too big will have to be sent home.

On the first day your child should bring in their school bag and school box. During the morning their teacher will allow them to transfer the books from the school bag into the school box.

With some of the older classes there is considerable weight in the books required. As such, if you wish, your child may bring their books in over two days i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday or in some cases your child’s teacher will indicate to you on Aladdin which books are required for September and which books may be left at home for now until later in the year.

* Your child should bring a rain jacket to school each day as weather is changeable at the moment. A wind cheater is preferable to a heavy raincoat as the temperatures are mild at the moment.

* Your child will need a nutritious lunch each day. Please consult our Healthy Lunch Policy which is on the school website .Please ensure that they can manage all aspects of their lunch themselves without the help of a teacher /SNA. In other words don’t give them an orange to peel if they cannot easily peel an orange. And if you give them yoghurt remember the spoon as there is no cutlery in the school at the moment (as it has all been taken out as staff must bring their own) so there will be no spare spoons to give to children now as we often did in the past! 

* Your child should bring their rain jacket and lunch box to school each day but as you already know there will be no homework for the first two weeks so they will not be bringing any books/copybooks home. So the schoolbag can be left at home after the first day or 2.

* We will be allowing children their usual play time of course with class bubbles separated from each other and we will also give some additional movement breaks from time to time to allow children to readjust to school life. To that end we are very fortunate to have our large school field which the Board of Management purchased last year.

* If any family is experiencing financial hardship in relation to the return to school then please contact the school by email to asking me to contact you. Your query will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

* A COVID Committee has been established in the school made up of key and experienced school personnel who will work to ensure that our COVID response including prevention measures are effectively discharged. Certain changes will have to be made to school life over the coming weeks and months as this situation evolves. At all stages we will be adhering closely to HSE and DES guidelines on COVID.

Mise le meas,

Damien Irwin

Covid-19 and SNCN

As directed by Department of Education and the Government our school building is currently closed to teachers and students. However, this does not mean that the school is not operating ! There is great work being done in all classes using the remote Platform Seesaw and all sort of technologies. Keep up the good work and hopefully we will all be back in school as soon as is possible.

Stay safe everyone !

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