Light and Materials

Over the last few weeks in our class we’ve been talking about light. Last week we did and experiment to see if light travels through materials. We discovered that materials that let all the light through are transparent, materials that let some light through are translucent, and materials that let no light through are opaque.

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For the month of November our class took part in WIG=WAM (Work In Games=Work At Maths). Extra teachers came into our class each Friday and we played Maths games in small groups. It was great fun!

Cork Pops

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On Wednesday the 5th November me and my class went to the Cork Pops concert. In the morning we came into school and did our morning work. After we had our lunch. A few minutes later we hopped on the bus – my partner was Julie. It was so much fun. We sang lots of songs!

A few minutes later we got there. It was on in City Hall. The orchestra played lots of songs. A few of them were: Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Let it go, and my favourite – Happy. There were lots of instruments as well, like violins, drums, trumpets, clarinets, flutes and cellos.

At the end the youth band came on. Soon afterwards we went back on the bus. On the bus we did soooo much singing! Soon we arrived back at school and it was home time!

By Ava Dwyer

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