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Homework Class

Homework Class

HomeworkThe school is offering parents the opportunity for your children to avail of a homework club similar to that being offered in many secondary schools at present. The idea behind the club is that children will be, (for a nominal fee), supervised after school for an hour to do their homework free from the distractions of home. The attached policy details how the club will operate. If you are interested in your child attending this session could you please contact Mr. Patterson.

Policy for Homework Club

  • The homework club will allow children the option of supervised time in school, after the school day ends at 2.40, to do their homework before returning home. This will assist them by providing a quiet and suitable atmosphere in which to spend time at their homework free from the normal distractions at home.
  • The homework club will run for one hour each day from 3-4 in the school .It will be available to pupils from 3rd to 6th class.
  • A room will be used where the children will sit one to a desk.
  • The children will be supervised doing the homework that has been prescribed by their own class teacher.
  • A teacher/pupil ratio of 20:1 will operate for the Homework Club.
  • Direction will be offered to the children to assist them in completing their homework but a comprehensive evaluation will not be carried out by the supervising teacher.
  • As per the schools homework policy the final responsibility for checking the child’s homework rests with the parents/guardians. The supervising teacher will not be responsible for checking the homework of any child upon completion, this remains the responsibility of the parent.
  • If the children finish their homework before the hour has elapsed they will be encouraged to engage in work related to their school work such as reading or studying.
  • Material or activities not related to school or homework will not be allowed.
  • The Schools normal discipline code will be observed at all times.
  • When the hour has elapsed the children must be met punctually at the school gate as normal or, with parental written permission, the children can make their own way home.
  • The homework club will run for the duration of the school year. A rate of 5 euro per hour/20 euro per week will be charged and this is to be paid at the door on each day. If the homework club cannot go ahead on any particular day then parents will be notified at least one day in advance.

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