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Spike BallSpike Ball is an ideal way to give children the opportunity to experience and enjoy different sports, we have recently begun Spike Ball training after school with Third Class. SpikeBall is quite similar to volleyball but has a few adaptations which encourage learning, promote physical activity and increase the fun for participants. It ensures that children of all ages and abilities can participate and has FUN as a top priority.

Training takes place each Thursday from 2.45p.m to 3.45 p.m in the school yard, where up to sixty enthusiastic third class girls and boys keenly practice the different skills of Spikeball, such as the dig, the block, the serve and of course their favourite the spike. These skills are taught and developed each week through fun drills and mini-games closely supervised by Ms. Harrington, Ms. Murphy and Mr. O’Keeffe.

Below are some of the views of Ms Harrington’s third class about their experiences of Spikeball.

“I love Spikeball because I can play with my friends, have fun and learn a new sport at the same time”
“I think Spikeball is pretty fun. Its where one team has the ball. The server throws the ball over the net and the other team must pass it two times and then you throw it up and spike it”
“I think Spikeball is really fun. It’s a really enjoyable sport for both boys and girls. Every Thursday I wake up so excited because of Spikeball”
“I love Spikeball, especially when I jump and catch the ball. I would definitely recommend Spikeball to anyone”
“I like Spikeball because it is fun and it is cool. It is a chance to interact with the people in the other classes”
“I like Spikeball because you can make more friends. The game is lots of fun and the teachers are very nice”
“I think Spikeball is great because it is easy to play and lots of fun”
“I like Spikeball because it is fun and it is fun learning how to play. My favourite bit is spiking it”

So the children will be able to display their newly acquired skills, we will hold an in-school Spikeball tournament at the end of the year. This will be done with a view to pupils of S.N.C.N, taking part in the primary school Spikeball competitions organised but the Volleyball Association of Ireland in the future. To see us doing our spikes, digs and serves check out the pictures of us in action.

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