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Scoil Náisiúnta an Chroí Naofa,

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Summary of School Self-Evaluation Report


  1. Introduction


  • The focus of the evaluation


A school self-evaluation of teaching and learning in Scoil Náisiúnta an Chroí Naofa was undertaken during the period March 2013 to May of 2015. During the evaluation, teaching and learning in the following curriculum area was evaluated:

  • Numeracy: Understanding and using Mathematics


This is a summary report on the findings of the evaluation.


1.2: Scope of the analysis: The following approaches were used to assist the school in providing the findings as seen below:


* Teacher focus groups including Infant teachers, teachers of middle classes and teachers of senior classes, and in addition Special Education teachers


* Parent questionnaires to assess the parent’s perceptions of how their child was experiencing maths in SNCN


* Student questionnaires: to assess the pupil’s perception of maths and their ability at maths


* Statistical analysis of the school’s standardised testing in maths


*Teacher observation of pupil learning, attainment and understanding of maths



  1. The findings


  • Numeracy: All areas of the curriculum are being covered in all classes.
  • Assessment: Our standardised test results indicate that we are well above national averages in all parts of the Maths Curriculum.
  • Assessment of learning and assessment for learning are used widely in the school.
  • Problem Solving and Measures: Though also well above national norms, Problem Solving and Measures were not quite as strong, relative to the school profile, as some of the other mathematical areas assessed.
  • Learning environment: Bright and attractive learning environments are in evidence across the school and the potential for this has been enhanced by the Board of Management’s Capital regeneration projects of the last 36 months.
  • Pupils engagement in learning: Pupils are highly engaged in their learning and teachers and staff work hard to differentiate for children of differing abilities


  1. School Improvement Plan (SIP)


  • Problem Solving: To increase the average score in the area of Problem Solving over the next 3 years.
  • Mathematical Language: to implement the language of computation as per our school plan, throughout the school.
  • Measure: to increase the average score in the Measure Strand over the next 3 years.
  • Resources: to build on and maintain a bank of mathematical resources required for the successful implementation of the maths curriculum.
  • Differentiation: to continue to cater in as efficient a manner as possible for the differing mathematical abilities in each class.



  1. Regulatory Checklist:

The school is fully compliant (as per DES guidelines) with all of the legislative and regulatory items as follows: *Enrolment of children * Code of Behaviour * Anti-Bullying * Attendance and Participation Strategy * Health and Safety Statement * Data Protection * Internet Acceptable Use * Special Education Needs * Relationships and Sexuality Policy * Substance Use * Child Protection * Parents Association * Deployment of SNAs * School Calendar * PT Meetings * Implementation of Croke Park Agreement * Standardisation of School Year * Valid enrolment of pupils * Pupils repeating a year * Development of school plan * SSE Process * Literacy and Numeracy* Exemption from Irish * Agreed Complaints Procedure * Appeals in case of refusal to enrol students


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