In December, we did an experiment on transparent, translucent and opaque materials.

What you need:

  • Torch
  • Mini whiteboard
  • Lots of different materials


What to do:

1. Turn on torch and point it at the board.

2. Put a piece of material about half way between the torch and the mini whiteboard.

3. Check if any light comes through the material.


What should happen:

  • If the light can’t go through the material, it is opaque.
  • If a little bit of light goes through the material, it is translucent.
  • If all the light goes through the material, it is transparent.

Normal results:

1. Tissue paper (Translucent)

2.  Bubble wrap (Transparent)

3.  Cardboard (Opaque)

4.  Cling film (Transparent)

5.Tim foil (Opaque)

6. Baking paper (Translucent)


By Ben Cullinane & James Harrington 🙂

DSC01848_web DSC01850_web DSC01851_web

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